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Steering Wheel Upholstery

Our Mission

We strive to deliver higher than factory quality and unique designs. 

To provide durability and eye-catching look, we use only high quality materials imported from Germany, Italy and Austria.

All of our projects are handcrafted in the USA.  Upholstery process consists of more than ten steps to ensure flawless result. 


We never use precut wraps or work over existing material.  Upholstery process starts from old material removal and steering wheel foam prep. Certain steering wheels have received a factory padding, which we reapply followed by Leather or Alcantara upholstery in black color.


  • Plain and Perforated Nappa or Full Grain Leather

  •  Alcantara

  •  12 O'clock Stripe

  •  Variety of Thread Colors 

  •  Additional Thickness


Custom Steering Wheels

We offer 100% bespoke upholstery. Customization options include a wide material selection and designs that meet your personal style.

  • Circumference section pattern and material combination

  •  Full steering wheel upholstery

  •  Front and back faces

  •  Trims and MF buttons.


Steering wheel stitching type is an exclusive signature of an automotive manufacturer. The majority of European cars come with hexagon stitching and the most recognizable is M Tricolor of BMW. Porsche reserves Cross stitching for some of the models. Brubus and Alpina tuning companies developed their own unique types.

We offer hexagon by default. Further customization includes upgraded stitching types. Every pattern requires different amount of time to complete, depending on the number of loops, step length, if stitching is 100% handmade or partially machine sewed. 

Heated Steering Wheels

Heated steering wheels incorporate a very fragile and delicate mesh- a heating element. Our technique allows an extra care removal and reinstallation of the heating element during the upholstery restoration process.


The heating element can also be preserved during reshaping projects.


Make your design statement by refinishing interior details in the matching material and stitching.

  • Shift boot and knobs in factory and custom designs.

  • Emergency break handles and boots.

  • Arm rests and center console trims.

  • Dashboard trims


Custom Reshaping

Ergonomic Reshaping

Ergonomic steering wheels were originally used in the racing industry. The curved shapes improve your driving experience by enhancing steering wheel grip and hand support. They provide additional control and better road handling.

We offer ergonomic elements in a bespoke design that will bring your steering wheel to an individual level. 


Thumb Rests

Elevations on the inner circumference of the grip are located at 2 and 10 o'clock positions.  Shapes add additional contact surface for the palms and thumbs depending on your driving style. We can add thumb rests to any steering wheel or reshape existing to a better comfort level.



Ergonomic shapes are located between the steering wheel spokes and 4 and 8 o'clock positions on the steering wheel.  Gradually elevated concavity of the curve adds support for the palm during turns and straight paths. Drivers who prefer to keep their hands on 3 and 9 o'clock position will appreciate this style.


Flat Bottom

Originated in the racing world, flat bottom was intended to provide more legroom for the pilot. This ergonomic shape is a racing spirit accent, which improves steering wheel handling during turns. Nowadays, flat bottom shape is rarely a straight line. It rather outlines and imitates curves of interior elements.


Flat Top

Flat top is a recently introduced shape which reflects F1 steering wheel upper portion. This design element has been used on several AMG generations and gained love among car enthusiasts. Flat top creates a unique style in combination with flat bottom.

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